Community Guidelines

We want to make this community safe and enjoyable for everyone.

We encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations on the Site. Please be courteous to everyone, as if you were having a face-to-face discussion.

The following is prohibited: (i) Offensive and hate-filled content on the basis of HIV status, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, and so forth; (ii) Insulting or personally attacking people; (iii) Bullying, harassment, threats, discrimination, or stigma producing comments; (iv) Vulgar, profane, abusive, or hateful language; (v) Material that may reasonably construed as unlawful; (vi) Soliciting, advertising or marketing, except in designed spaces; (vii) Disclosure of personal information about yourself or anyone else, such as phone number, home address, or email.

We reserve the right to take down or not publish any content that does not comply with these rules.

Safety Warning

While the exhibition aims to inform and empower, the narratives and imagery deal with stigma and trauma and may be upsetting to some. Be kind to yourself and explore the exhibition when you’re ready. If you think you might be triggered, then it may be better if you don’t enter the exhibition. By entering the exhibition, you are responsible for any impacts. If the exhibition raises any issues for you, always remember support is there. For people in Australia, the number to lifeline is 13 11 14 and resources related to HIV can be found here. People in other countries are encouraged to access their local services for support.