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Developing A Personal Symbol Language


Turning personally meaningful images into symbols and working with them across a number of arts works offered a way to express emotion, embed feelings of strength and pleasure and tell new stories:

“Look, I had heaps of fun drawing my portrait. On the first I did like a few fairies and things like that. I see a large group of women who are very positive and you know and I consider a lot of the people that I met and spoken to as earth angels, they’re my earth angels. There were two images in my past, I’m not very good at drawing Ivy but Ivy is the name of my nana and ivy was very special in my heart. And whenever I see ivy, I love Ivy. In my painting it’s a fairy she’s got her arms up, she’s climbing and I want her climbing like Ivy. Life is a challenge and ivy is hard to climb. So that’s sort of how I’m putting that in there. The other thing that I really did like was today the women with the waves and the echoes…. It’s a symbolization of a lot of women together and we’re all moving in synchronicity and flowing in motion. This really touched me.”

Experiences of the Workshop