Feedback Form

Positively Women Art Exhibition Feedback Form
1. What is your role in the community? Please select all that apply.
2. I enjoyed the exhibition
3. The exhibition helped me better understand women’s experiences of living with HIV.
4. The artworks and stories prompted me to rethink my attitudes and beliefs about women living with HIV.
5. The exhibition is a helpful way to challenge the public misconceptions about HIV that lead to stigma and discrimination against women living with HIV.
If you would like to respond creatively with drawing, painting, sound, movement, poetry please respond on paper or with video or audio using your phone and upload below. Or just leave a comment.
Maximum upload size: 5MB
10. I will discuss and recommend the exhibition to someone else (e.g., a colleague, partner, patient, friend).
11. How old are you, in years?
12. What was your sex recorded at birth?
13. How do you describe your gender?
14. What is your sexual orientation?
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