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Realization Change


Experiencing the Meditative Process Art method’s cycles of reflection, creation, realization and application led to new awareness and change:

“Yeah, I suppose that year, 1987, I kind think it’s interesting that’s the year I was diagnosed and it’s the same year the Grim Reaper campaign came out so it’s always embedded in my mind and there’s lots of negative stuff. So I think doing the art work today on that image has been really helpful. I think doing the artwork can put a positive spin on it. Cause I tend to think that if you have emotional baggage that’s left just suppressed, it always will come out somewhere sometime and if it can come out through the artwork in a positive way, well that’s good. And you know, normally if I wasn’t doing this with a group of wonderful sisters I probably wouldn’t even address it because a lot of it is about loss and grief and what my life would have been like, could have been like.”

Experiences of the Workshop

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