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Relaxation and Heightened Somatic Awareness


The meditative and process art used in the workshop sessions resulted in the heighted somatic focus that supported artists to become internally focused. This is an important feature of the MPA method because both practices offer access to the memories, feelings and somatic responses that are ‘brought to the surface’ and manipulated to gain insight and autonomy:

“And on the back of I’ve written, ”Right now I am relaxed and right now I am calmer and have let go,” which is what I was doing with the paper. And I’m very aware of the sound of the pencil on the paper. And “right now I’m aware.” So that’s what I wrote and yeah I actually quite like listening to the sound of the pencil on the paper…It kind of looks like two boobs, but they’re not boobs. Um. That’s when we were talking about how we felt in our body and in my stomach, I felt quite heavy but in my mind I felt quite light. So that was just with my stomach feeling heavy, not my boobies.”

Experiences of the Workshop