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Reproductive Agency


A number of the artists in the Positively Women Workshop had been advised when given a positive diagnosis not to have children or to terminate a current pregnancy. However, some of them decided to ignore that advice:

“I got called to go back [to the hospital] and he said, “Look, I’m really sorry but you’re HIV positive and you’re pregnant. You already got a 4 year old. You’re gonna get sick. Your partner is gonna get sick. You’re both gonna die. Whose gonna look after you child? The baby will have things wrong with it. And then 3 months later I knew I was pregnant again and I went back to the clinic, but I just said to them, “I’m having this baby and nothing’s going to change my mind.” Now I’m so glad because that’s my daughter who’s 32 now and has given me two grandchildren. So I didn’t expect to see my kids grow up and now I’m seeing my grandkids grow up so it’s amazing. And I had 3 grandchildren. My daughter has three and my son has one and they are the highlight of my life.”

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