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Reworking the Past can be Challenging and Healing


While it was challenging for many of the artists to rework imagery from the past many spoke of the benefits of this practice:

“Um, last week was a tough workshop but really it was good for me because a lot of the time I’m totally just not worrying about HIV. I’ve been through all the head fucks with it and I just now live my life as normal. But, anyway, so last week’s workshop showed me that I actually can get touched by it all still. It does still sort of hit the core every now and then, if we dig too deep. So it was good for me. So, that was the Grim Reaper I drew, and then turned him into a little happy beach goer, walking through the country really. But somebody in clothes, few flowers around, changed his staff into a tree. Yeah, took his power away! And I’ve never expressed myself through paintings and art and stuff before, so I found it really beneficial for my growth.”

Experiences of the Workshop

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