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Symbol Making, Embedding Sense Of Strength And Pleasure


Identifying, symbolizing and working with imagery of things that represent, or provide a sense of strength and pleasure, results in the integration of the felt sense of strength and pleasure:

“Yeah, and then I had a love heart symbol because of my love for the kids and the chickens and the coffee machine, and the water. As much, even though I can’t swim, it’s really nice to be in the water, playing with the boys. But yeah, even just sitting on the beach it’s like I’m watching and taking it in, and just breathing.” It feels nice, it feels like me. Like even when I’ve been going through things I look at it and I’m happy with what I’ve produced. You know, I get good feelings from…it’s your interpretation of, of yourself, or whatever it is. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look good because it’s yours.”

Experiences of the Workshop

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