WEEK 1 My Self and My Energy
as a Woman
Sharing and Introductions Sharing and Introductions Back To Start of Week 1 The workshop started with introductions, where the artists began to share their stories and learn about the Meditative Process Art method. Together, the group practiced calming meditation, color mixing and mark making, and shared how color became emotions and lines told the stories of their inner feelings. Speaking about one of her experiments in the first week, Lisa said: “that’s my emotions red and orange, and my inner feeling was green like healing.” Lisa, Colour & Mark Making Letting go of judgement Letting go of judgement Back To Start of Week 1 Some of the artists were able to jump into the art practices quite easily, while others felt self-conscious. Katherine spoke of her struggles to let go of self-judgement and preconceived ideas about art making. This changed for her as the workshop continued: “It was interesting how easy I found it to do the dancing and listening to the music and then to draw straight after. It was like my body was dancing through the pencils. But before that, when we had to do a picture of ourselves, I really struggled with that.” Katherine, Letting Go Trust and community building Letting go of judgement Back To Start of Week 1 As the artists shared what had been happening for them during the week, their trust and the community grew. Betty spoke of her health issues and hopes for the workshop: “Part of the reason I'm living in chaos is because I'm having a major depressive episode at the moment, so I'm finding life really, really hard. But apart from that, doing this with you guys is really exciting for me and it's given me something to look forward to. And I'm doing something for myself, which I really need to do. Yeah, after being a mum for 10 years, I think I’ve forgotten who I am.” In an exercise that followed, Betty drew her energy. Betty, My Energy Rising realisations Rising realisations Back To Start of Week 1 Reflecting on a photograph she’d taken, Agatha spoke of realizing how isolated she had become: “So, I was just thinking about the photos and things that we've taken for Week 2 and Week 3 of the workshop. And there’s something I really noticed about myself. It’s that I'm actually probably a lot more isolated then I realized. And I didn't realise quite how much until I was trying to take photos and I’m like, ‘Oh, there’s no people in these photos’.” Agatha, Trees Relaxation and reflection Relaxation and reflection Back To Start of Week 1 Many of the artists appreciated the “timeout” provided by the workshop. The calming and focusing produced by the meditation gave the artists space for reflection and relaxation, while the process of art helped solidify the feelings and realisations that were arising. Elizabeth described this: “My energy was from within. I felt relaxed. My mind was relaxed and blank. Yeah, I think it was mind-clearing. When there's so much going on in our lives and our emotions and I'm busy all the time, it was just nice to take time out and do some reflection and enjoy the inclusiveness within the sisterhood.” Elizabeth, Expression of My Energy as a Woman Increased internal and bodily focus Increased internal and bodily focus Back To Start of Week 1 At the end of Week One’s session, the artists were invited to share about their experiences and to show us their art work. Talking about a sketch, Ange explains how focusing on her body was important for her: “So it was all about calmness and waves and finding some peace, apart from the dots, that's my work impinging on me. Yes, it's all about roundness and chaos and all of those things and I wrote five lines: Love and compassion rises within. Focusing on my body allows relaxation and beginning. Calmness, allowing, surrender, going with the flow. Letting go of all the bullshit accumulated over the years.” Ange, Calmness Trust and community building Positive impacts Back to Main Timeline Week 2 Back To Start of Week 1 KC also talked about the positive impacts of the workshop in her reflections on Week One, which, at one point, involved dancing to the song “Happy” By Pharrell Williams. Describing how she felt, she said: “I just feel so energized. And being a part of this group and getting to draw how you feel. So I’m “haaa---pppy” (singing). So this is what happened in my mind. I was trying to draw happy smiley faces and all those squiggles are like lightning bolts. Because I felt my body warm up, and I got, just burst of stars and energy and lightning, some dots in-between - an explosion of happiness.” KC, Explosion of Energy