Apr 9 2021 - Apr 9 2021


  • Apr 9 2021 - Apr 9 2021


I am willing to be open
I am trusting in myself and where my thoughts may go
I am starting to believe in myself and my abilities and self-worth
I am stronger than I think
I am more than HIV and meetings
I am here if people need me
I am going to take more time for me
I am going to learn to say no, or
I am going to have a voice
I am going to spoil myself
I am going to wash the paint off my hands

Nor Perfect Just Me

“I’m a dinosaur, diagnosed March 1986. So being one of the very first women living with HIV – not only in Western Australia, but in Australia – it was very difficult to cope with that at the beginning… I work in harm reduction and I have a real passion for the work that I do there… Sadly, I don’t have any children because back when I was diagnosed, we were told not have children. And you were made to feel very guilty if you chose to have them. A hysterectomy was the other thing that they did as well… I work part-time and what I’m finding more difficult – more than anything at the moment – is diabetes, which I know a few other people are in the same boat. So that’s what my issue is, more than HIV at the moment.”


Not Perfect Just Me

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